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Veritas Web Solutions, LLC is the company poised to provide custom solutions to businesses and organizations whether it involves web site development, social media, or driving traffic to a web site. We provide unparalleled service and stand behind our services by guaranteeing that every project will be on-time, on-budget and have the highest quality. We don’t believe in “customer satisfaction”……. we want and expect you to be delighted!

Social commerce, where marketers sell through social networks or deeply integrate social media into the buying process, is the new evolution for the world of marketing. In the context of the purchase funnel, social media tends to work best at generating awareness and interest, influencing consideration and preferences and then harnessing consumers’ post-purchase enthusiasm by tapping into their advocacy. As social technologies become more robust, and consumers tap into social media as a routine part of everything they do online and offline, there are new opportunities to translate social currency into hard currency.

Our relentless pursuit to delight our customers gives you the best return on your investment on any social media, web site development or search engine optimization project you may have.

Abi CarmenAbi’s Story

Abi Carmen the Founder of Veritas after spending 26 years in Chicago finally smartened up and in 2003 moved South to Destin, Florida one of the most beautiful beach towns in the world. Enjoying the more casual atmosphere (compared to Chicago), Destin and the surrounding 15 little beach enclaves became home.

Starting his career in Electronics, Abi spent five years at Columbia Pictures Industries, traveling all over the world taking care of all aspects of Technical Marketing for one of their gaming subsidiaries. After a lot of hard work and travel he decided to get out on his own and started an Authorized Service Company called Laserworks focusing on the cutting edge technology (at the time) of Laser Disc and CD-Rom Players. The Laserworks team repaired equipment for all sorts of businesses large and small but Abi’s concentration was bringing in the larger customers and after a short time their customer base included the likes of UAW-General Motors, UAW-Chrysler, Lifetime Television, the Ray Crock Museum (McDonalds), the U.S. Navy, the National Parks Service and many more.

After 12 successful years in the LaserDisc business, along came CD-Rom and then of course DVD and all the associated technologies. The cost to repair these products was more expensive then replacing them so Abi moved on to his next venture ‘The World Wide Web’. In 2003 he started his first Website and as of early 2015 Veritas Web Solutions now has over 145 sites in every industry and niche imaginable.

With four sons and two (fantastically cute) granddaughters, Abi values time spent with family. It’s not always easy as they are spread out in New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Florida but it is definitely rewarding.

To quote Abi “There is so much power within us all if we just figured out how to discover it or find a mentor to help us realize it. We were created for greatness, each of us in our own right, to touch and impact the lives of others. We were created with all the ‘stuff’ we need to succeed but somewhere along the way, we adopted belief systems that have kept us from reaching our full potential in life.”

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