Here at Veritas Web Solutions, LLC we get clients all the time who have spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars on home study courses, tools and software,  just to try to build their own Website or Facebook page. Why not, it looks fairly easy, anyone can do it, right?

So why is Web Development and Social Media Marketing so tricky? It is due primarily to the multiple skills required in getting a good site up and running and the constant changes from the different Search Engines to keep up with. We are talking about the constant updates every month or so from Google, Facebook and Twitter just to name a few. In addition to the Marketing aspect, there is also the ‘Security’ issues that need to be constantly monitored so the hackers stay away.

As they say, “Time is Money”. So why not choose one of packages below and save the time and heartache.

At Veritas Web Solutions, LLC we offer 5 different product to help with all aspects of your Website Development.

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